torsdag 13 april 2017

Happy Easter..

 photo Easter_zpsilhzsvzu.png
Night Ladys Star
This is a time of renewal
as it happens every spring.
The flowers now are blooming
The birds begin to sing.
Night Ladys Star
 Easter is a time of hope
and a day of rebirth.
It shows that winter’s over
And spring has come to Earth
Night Ladys Star

måndag 13 februari 2017

Happy Valentine..

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"Valentine’s Day is full of paper hearts"
Night Ladys Star
But my heart for you, my friend,
is full of feelings
more precious to me than gold,
as long lasting as diamonds.
Night Ladys Star
My heart for you, my friend
is filled with emotions strong as platinum,
and appreciation for you
worth more to me than any treasure.
My Valentine heart is yours,
my priceless friend.
Night Ladys Star
Happy Valentine’s Day
Night Ladys Star

måndag 24 oktober 2016

Finally time for Halloween..

Halloween photo g_zps8bea032a.jpg
"Song of the Witches""
(William Shakespeare - from Macbeth)
Night Ladys Star
Double, double toil and trouble..
Fire burn and caldron bubble..
Fillet of a fenny snake..
In the caldron boil and bake..
Eye of newt and toe of frog..
Wool of bat and tongue of dog..
Adder's fork and bling-worms sting..
Night Ladys Star
 photo Aurora 09_zps4mekswwf.jpg
Night Ladys Star
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing..
For a charm of powerful trouble..
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble..
Double, double toil and trouble..
Fire burn and caldron bubble..
Cool it with a baboon's blood..
Then the charm is firm and good..
Night Ladys Star
Halloween photo 20121011052126Halloween_Party_2012_Logo_zps150187d8.png

fredag 9 september 2016

Borta med Vinden..

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"Tara! Home"
I'll go home.. And I'll think of some way to get him back..
After all... tomorrow is another day..
Night Ladys Star