onsdag 26 december 2012

Aurora önskar god fortsättning till er alla..

“Tack för alla Julhälsningar”
Night Ladys Star
Uppskattades mycket..
Hoppas att ni att ni alla haft en fin jul..
Önskar er en god fortsättning..
Och hoppas ni får en trevlig vecka
Night Ladys Star

fredag 21 december 2012

Merry Christmas..

Picture perfect Christmas Upon my heart this day
Memories of my yesterday
They never fade away

Snow is softly falling Church bell ringing chimes
Hymns of gentle voices
Singing Christmas rhymes

Quiet days of memories That fill the soul with ease
Yesterdays that fill the soul
Life's book of treasuries

Wishing you this beauty That takes you back in time
Basking in the glory of
Memories sublime

Time to join together In love and harmony
Sharing joy on Christmas
In peaceful reveries.

onsdag 19 december 2012

Have a Wonderful Advent Season..

"Welcome to Disney's Christmas"
Night Ladys Star
Welcome to Disney the happiest place on Earth..
A place we all wish to go since the day of our birth..
There’s so much to do and so much to see..
And fun for all kids from ages one to ninety-three..
Night Ladys Star
From Main Street to the castle oh what fun..
Rides and splashing and fun in the sun..
Mickey and Minnie and all their pals..
Pooh and friends and the princess gals..
Night Ladys Star
Magic Mountain roller coaster and the famous Peter Pan..
Tea Cups and Dumbo and the Pirates of the Caribbean..
When the day grows long and the sky grows dark..
We watch the fireworks before we leave the park..
Night Ladys Star
On one rail we venture out..
Knowing all our dreams came true with out a doubt..
Night Ladys Star
Have a wonderful Advent season!
Aurora and her friends

måndag 17 december 2012

Auroras Lussekatter..

Det finns få bakverk som är så roliga
att baka som lussekatter.
Night Ladys Star
Ingredienser:100-150 g margarin eller smör
50 g jäst
5 dl mjölk
1 dl socker
1/2 tsk salt
ca 1,5 liter vetemjöl
2 pkt saffran (1g)
1-2 ägg
1 ägg för pensling
Night Ladys Star
Smält fettet. Tillsätt mjölken och ljumma tills det är 37 grader
Smula ner jästen i degbunken. Häll i lite av deg spadet och rör om
tills jästen är upplöst. Lös upp saffranet med lite av deg spadet.
Night Ladys Star
Tillsätt resten av deg spadet, sockret, saltet, uppvispat ägg
och det mesta av mjölet. Arbeta degen tills den släpper bunken
och tillsätt eventuellt mer mjöl. Strö över lite mjöl, och låt degen jäsa
övertäckt till dubbel storlek (ca 1 timme).
Häll upp degen på mjölat bakbord
och knåda den till en till en lätt, smidig och ganska lös deg.
Forma lussekatter Pensla med ägg och garnera med russin.
Grädda mitt i ugnen 8-10 min 225-250 grader.
Night Ladys Star
Lycka Till
Kram Aurora

fredag 14 december 2012

I Look Into The Past..

“Christmas Feelings”
Night Ladys Star
Christmas feelings are old and new
everything changes each year too.
if there is snow it reminds me
that it is pure as the Virgin Mary.
When I look at the star on my christmas tree
I think of my grandfathher singing O Holy Night so nicely.
He died on Christmas eve
What a special day for God to let him leave
and be with him in heaven gracefully.
Night Ladys Star
Many years ago we had so much family
and so many people came to our house and this time was happy.
The house was full of guests
we had so much love to give and all of us felt blest.
Night Ladys Star
I look into the past
and know this christmas is not the last
I enjoy my brothers and sisters in the family.
and now we have nieces and nephews and I feel lucky.
Presents for them instead of me.
Christmas feelings come each year to set us free.
This special day when God sent his son for you and me.
Some family members are gone.
Now we have children who were born
and life goes on
Night Ladys Star

måndag 10 december 2012

Holiday Season..

Night Ladys Star
It's that time special time of year for many
Gifts and songs and wonder are plenty
Colors bright and life anew
Holiday cheer and friendship true
Night Ladys Star
Yet for some, the pain of sorrow
And not knowing what will come tomorrow
In the wake of mourning a child's death
Grief robs the joy and steals their breath
Night Ladys Star
Moment by moment they walk the path
Trying to survive grief's grip of wrath
Be gentle with them this time of year
Whom death has crossed, their cries please hear
Night Ladys Star
Hearts are broken 'neath sorrow and tears
Today, tomorrow, and all of their years
Offer them gifts of kindness and amity
As they face each day of boundless calamity
Night Ladys Star
Light a candle, say a prayer for those who mourn
Who cannot rejoice, their lives now torn
Remember their child and honor their pain
Share the burden and help them sustain
Night Ladys Star
This holiday season, the best gifts you can share
Are your heart and your love, your solace and care.
Joanne Cacciatore-Garard, 2003
Night Ladys Star

onsdag 5 december 2012

How Lovely Tis to Take This Time..

“FriendshipA Glowing Fire”
Night Ladys Star
How lovely 'tis to take this time
To greet our dearest friends,
To wish them health and happiness
Before the old year ends.
Night Ladys Star
Darkness comes late afternoon
And winter lies ahead,
But friendship is a glowing fire
When all seems cold and dead.
Just as in some vacant barn,
Unnoticed in the night,
The whole of human history turns,
So we, too, make things right.
Night Ladys Star
We must keep alive the flame
Though darkness grip the Earth;
For in the love we find in friends
Is our chance for rebirth.
Night Ladys Star