torsdag 12 april 2012

I wonder how's the weather today..

“Please Song”
Night Ladys Star
Bring me
Some warm weather
Night Ladys Star
Warm my body
With the sun
Night Ladys Star
Because I can't stand the cold weather
The cold weather makes me shiver
-Aldo Kraas-
Night Ladys Star

14 kommentarer:

Moonlight sa...

Have a nice and Warn day Aurora
Hugs Moonlight

Snow White The Survival sa...

Its big
Its warm
Its here
It’s a big funny hug
With lots of love
From a heart that beats
Just for you!
Snow White

Night Lady sa...

Önskar dig ett härligt slut på weckan och en fin helg..
Många kramar Night Lady

Aurora sa...

Hi Snowwhite..
When in the fresh mornings I go into my garden before anyone is awake,I go for the time being into perfect happiness...
Hope ni have a good time..
Hugs Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hej Night Lady..
Wish you a great weekend,
Kram Aurora...
Whether I retire to bed early or
late, I rise with the sun..

Aurora sa...

Hi Moonlight..
Wish you a great weekend..
Hugs Aurora..
The Earth Laughs in Flowers."

Giancarlo sa...

Anche io vorrei un pò di caldo!!
buona giornata....ciao

Cumulus sa...

Tittar in och önskar dig
en underbar helg.


Jane storm sa...

Hello my dear sweet friend

Have a Colourful Weekend

Sending you lots of hugs
with much love


Aurora sa...

Hi Giancarlo..
Thanks för visiting..
I hope you are fine...
Wish you a happy day..
Hugs Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hi Cumulus..
Hoppas att du få en fin helg ochså,
jag njuta...
Ha det bra..
Kram Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hi Jane...
Wish you also en great weekend..
lots of happyniess.
Hugs Aurora

Jane storm sa...

hej Aurora.
håber at du vil få
en dejlig varm uge
med masser af solskin.
knus Jane

Aurora sa...

Tack Jane
önskar detsamma till dig
en stor kram Aurora