tisdag 15 maj 2012

I Sit Awake..

Sleeping Beauty
by Michael Anderson
Night Ladys Star
I sit awake, watching you sleeping.
Ah, such beauty and extravagance.
The stars in the sky wilted and weeping,
Dimmen in light of your radiance.
The darkest eyes among the living.
A sweet smile coming of tender lips.
The aura of a goddess surrounds you giving-
A mere man of morals unwitting slips.
Night Ladys Star
Oh, to reach out, only to touch you.
Run my fingers through your golden hair.
How could such a thought challenge my virtue?
When to do it not would only bring despair.
Like a dream lover, gift of the graces,
I reach out to you but my grasp falls shy.
The consequences a married man faces-
Where emotions flourish must dignity die?
Night Ladys Star
I chasten myself for just the notions,
But amorous spirits my soul would not repeal.
I find myself drowning within oceans-
Of desire to know just how you feel.
To hold you in my arms, and not reflection.
To kiss your lips, share your desires.
Embowelled in sweet burst of affection,
Where passion rages and love aspires.
Night Ladys Star
Are you merely a vision, that in passing?
Leaving me behind to wallow in chagrin?
Am I damned for feeling I can't help amassing?
Would loving you weight down my soul with sin?
Oh, the heart within me's twisting, aching-
At the velvet skin of an angel in a strange bed.
I turn away in silence, heart now breaking,
And you'll never have heard a word I said.
Night Ladys Star
Shutting out the lights the vision embers,
A resplendent glow sleep would invade.
Where every dying dream remembers-
Delicate tingles of love never made.
And every misinclined inception-
Awakens me in a hollow, stateless mind.
In a shared bed loathed in deception,
Absent of the love I left behind.
Night Ladys Star
Prins Phillip

17 kommentarer:

Jatta Ringström sa...

Have a great week.

Doris sa...

Beautiful Aurora, I love Disney Characters. All of the Princess too..
I hope your day/evening is full of love sunshine a beauty all around you hun... love you... hugs

Amanda Andrade sa...

Yes, you can keep it.


Cumulus sa...

Är det prins Philip som skrivit dikten?
Visste inte att han ....tänker på Englands prins nu...eller är det nån annan prins?

Allt gott.

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hi Aurora..
When it hurts to look back,
and you are scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you
and your best friend will be there
Hugs kisses Snow White

Carolina sa...

Beautiful sweet poem to Sleeping Beauty, velvet skin ...
A rosehug for you, I go from here with the pleasure of the beauty that emanates from your blog.

Giancarlo sa...

Il bacio, la cosa più bella che ci sia! Felice giornata...ciao

Moonlight sa...

Hi Aurora..
Jag är lite frånvarande, håller på ordnar med min nya data,och det ta tid, allafall för mig..
hoppas du hade en bra helg, vi hade fint väder.
Ha en trevlig dag.. Kram Moonlight

Snow White The Survival sa...

Hej Aurora...
Kul att du tittat in ..
Jag har varit upptagen hela helgen så sköter om min lilla sida och mina vänner en smula idag..
Ha en härlig vecka..
Kram Snow White

Jane storm sa...

Hej Aurora.
endnu et flot digt, på din side.
håber at du må få en dejlig uge
sammen med dem, du holder af.
knus og kram

Aurora sa...

Hej Jatta...
Tack för besöket,
önskar dig en fortsatt skön vecka..
Kram Aurora

Aurora sa...

Thank you Doris,
Yes, Disney are a dreamworld,
very magnific...
i wish you a beautyful weekend..
Hugs Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hi Amanda,
Thank you for visiting..
I wish you the best..
Hugs Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hej Cumulus..
Nej,jag har en egen prins Phillip, min käraste Prins...
Ha det så gott...'Kram Aurora

Aurora sa...

Hej Snowwhite..
Jätte fint dikt,
Hopas du ha det jätte bra, strosa i skogen i sommervärmen...
njut den här tiden..
Ha en fin dag.. Kram Aurora

Aurora sa...

Thank you Carolina..
A big roshug tillbaks, i like thos.
Wish you a great weekend..

Aurora sa...

Ciao Giancarlo..
Auguro una meravigliosa estate meravigliosa,
e godersi il tempo ...
Hug Aurora