måndag 10 december 2012

Holiday Season..

Night Ladys Star
It's that time special time of year for many
Gifts and songs and wonder are plenty
Colors bright and life anew
Holiday cheer and friendship true
Night Ladys Star
Yet for some, the pain of sorrow
And not knowing what will come tomorrow
In the wake of mourning a child's death
Grief robs the joy and steals their breath
Night Ladys Star
Moment by moment they walk the path
Trying to survive grief's grip of wrath
Be gentle with them this time of year
Whom death has crossed, their cries please hear
Night Ladys Star
Hearts are broken 'neath sorrow and tears
Today, tomorrow, and all of their years
Offer them gifts of kindness and amity
As they face each day of boundless calamity
Night Ladys Star
Light a candle, say a prayer for those who mourn
Who cannot rejoice, their lives now torn
Remember their child and honor their pain
Share the burden and help them sustain
Night Ladys Star
This holiday season, the best gifts you can share
Are your heart and your love, your solace and care.
Joanne Cacciatore-Garard, 2003
Night Ladys Star

2 kommentarer:

Queenvickans sa...

Hi Aurora

A beautyful Season poem.
Enjoy the days before Christmas.

Aurora sa...

Hej Jatta..
Vad trevligt att du hälsade på igen..
Går lite trögt här på sidorna sen dom var stängda..Men samtidigt sköt att man kan ta det lite lugnt..Ha en fin vecka nu före jul..Kram Aurora