fredag 14 december 2012

I Look Into The Past..

“Christmas Feelings”
Night Ladys Star
Christmas feelings are old and new
everything changes each year too.
if there is snow it reminds me
that it is pure as the Virgin Mary.
When I look at the star on my christmas tree
I think of my grandfathher singing O Holy Night so nicely.
He died on Christmas eve
What a special day for God to let him leave
and be with him in heaven gracefully.
Night Ladys Star
Many years ago we had so much family
and so many people came to our house and this time was happy.
The house was full of guests
we had so much love to give and all of us felt blest.
Night Ladys Star
I look into the past
and know this christmas is not the last
I enjoy my brothers and sisters in the family.
and now we have nieces and nephews and I feel lucky.
Presents for them instead of me.
Christmas feelings come each year to set us free.
This special day when God sent his son for you and me.
Some family members are gone.
Now we have children who were born
and life goes on
Night Ladys Star

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