onsdag 20 juni 2012


Ava05.jpg Aurora
Night Ladys Star
Sleep, sleep beauty bright..
Dreaming in the joys of night..
Sleep, sleep in thy sleep..
Little sorrows sit and weep..
Night Ladys Star

tisdag 12 juni 2012

June Is Back Again..

“June It's Raining”
Night Ladys Star
Walking down the lone street
Romancing the June rain
I met him for the first time
Call it chance or destiny
Night Ladys Star
It was raining Love
First time when we kissed
We danced in the June rain
Got lost in its rhythm
Night Ladys Star
I walked down the aisle
He took my hand forever
June showered her blessings
How we loved the June rain!
Night Ladys Star
June is back once again
Rain and romance everywhere
Alone I sit, beside his grave
Rain pouring down my eyes
By Deepthi Vincent
Night Ladys Star