torsdag 26 juli 2012

Like Stars..

The Godmothers
Night Ladys Star
Like stars that shine in the heavens
A godmother’s endless love
Lights the way for her godchild,
As the lord gives a nod from above
Night Ladys Star
She was chosen because of her goodness
And too, for her gentle side
But also because her godchild,
Could view her with love and pride
Night Ladys Star
For she is a perfect example
Of all that a person should be
A kind and a caring guardian
Standing by for eternity!
Night Ladys Star

onsdag 11 juli 2012

Look Outside..

One Hot Summer Day”
Night Ladys Star
Look outside
It's a gorgeous day..
I think all the children
Should go out and play..
Night Ladys Star
The sun is shining
It's so hot outside..
The metal monkey bars are burning
And so is the enormous slide..
Night Ladys Star
From that stroll we just went on
I'm exhausted, I must go rest..
For those very tired feet of mine
I am sure that will be the best..
Night Ladys Star
Now that the day is over the children still ask,
Can we play with just one more toy..
Tomorrow is another day I tell them
Another day to enjoy..
Night Ladys Star