måndag 21 januari 2013

Beauty does not die..

“Sleeping Beauty”
Night Ladys Star
Beauty does not die..
It simply changes..
It doesn't vanish..
It grows on..
Night Ladys Star
Sometimes, the beauty hides..
Within great depths..
It takes a while to find..
Amidst it's beautiful disguise..
Night Ladys Star
When eyes of human..
Find thy beauty..
Appreciation doesn't always..
Fill their hearts..
Night Ladys Star
A delicate, white rose for instance..
Is beautiful to human only when it blossoms..
As winter comes we don't appreciate it anymore..
We think there's no more beauty..
Night Ladys Star
The beauty of the rose however..
Does not die..
The rose doesn't just vanish..
It simply just transforms into
a sleeping beauty..
Night Ladys Star

2 kommentarer:

Night Lady sa...

Every day is the start of something beautiful. Good Morning

Aurora sa...

Absolut det ska jag verkloigen memorera om jag har en dålig dag..Kram Aurora