onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Halloween Witch..

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The Witch”
Night Ladys Star
There once was a witch of Willoughby Wood,
And a weird wild witch was she;
With her hair that was snarled,
And hands that were gnarled,
Night Ladys Star
And a rickety, kickety knee.
She could jump they say
To the moon and back,
But this I never did see.
- Unknown -
Night Ladys Star

8 kommentarer:

Moonlight sa...

The stars were gone, The night was dark, and soon we have Halloween.. Moonlight

Night Lady sa...

How Like A Queen Comes Forth The Lonely Moon
From The Slow Opening Curtains Of The Clouds
Walking In Beauty To Her Midnight Throne! Icecold hugs Night Lady

Snow White The Survival sa...

I'm Happy Because--soon it's HALLOWEEN! Ice Cold Hugs from me Snow White

Anonym sa...

Hej Aura vilken tuffing du blivit nu kan du jaga bort alla spöken ha en fin helg kram Belle

Aurora The Lovely sa...

hej Moonlight ja på Halloween natten blir det härligt mörkt snart är vi där.. Läbbiga kramar från Aurora

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Tack för poemet Night Lady älskar Halloween poem dom är så härliga.. Kram Aurora

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Tack Snow White för dina härligt iskalla kramar skicka likadana tillbaka Aurora

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Tack för titten Belle jätteroligt att höra ifrån dig.. Hoppas du skaffar dig en sida snart kram Aurora