onsdag 24 april 2013

Five Minutes More Please..

Aurora photo sleeping_beauty_zpsfb0729ca.png
“Sleeping Beauty”
Night Ladys Star
Sleeping Beauty pricked her thumb
started feeling overcome..
Probably she would have died
as the witch had prophesied
but the fairies had her blessed
so she just got beauty rest..
Night Ladys Star
For a hundred fifty years..
she missed balls and film premieres
till Prince Charming came along
singing out a cheerful song..
Kneeling down he kissed her cheek
hoping that she'd wake and speak..
Night Ladys Star
Sleeping Beauty raised an arm
reaching for the snooze alarm
and her waking words were these:
"Just need five more minutes please."
-Kenn Nesbitt-
Night Ladys Star

fredag 5 april 2013

The Briar Rose..

Aurora photo Aurv04.jpg
“Aurora The Sleeping Beauty”
Night Ladys Star
Lips red as the rose..
Hair of sunshine gold..
Gifts the fairies chose..
Voice as if a bird's..
Night Ladys Star
Cursed to prick her finger..
Raised as "Briar Rose"..
Yet the curse shall linger..
For sixteen long years..
Night Ladys Star
Once upon a dream..
Prince Phillip met Aurora..
True love, it would seem..
Conquers all..
Night Ladys Star
But Maleficent wouldn't give in..
She had to carry out her curse..
She was determined to win..
Night Ladys Star
But true love conquers all..
Prince Phillip gave a kiss..
To Aurora, his only love..
This couple wouldn't miss..
Night Ladys Star
Their happily ever after..
Because true love conquers all..
Night Ladys Star