tisdag 28 januari 2014


Aurora photo Aurv04.jpg
“Night Without Sleep”
by Ellen Bailey        
Night Ladys Star
Have you ever had a night
when you just couldn't sleep?
Even when you're so tired
you could fall off your feet?
Night Ladys Star
You get up for awhile,
and then you lay back down
And just lie there,
watching the clock go round
Night Ladys Star
Then you remember that old adage,
"Try counting sheep"
It is supposed to help people
who have trouble falling asleep
Night Ladys Star
After some time has passed by
You decide you'll give it a try
And you start counting sheep,
counting even their feet
Night Ladys Star
Since sleep won't come,
you get out of bed
And decide to have some
roast mutton instead
Night Ladys Star

tisdag 14 januari 2014

My Hero..

Prince Philip photo Auullip.jpg
“My Cute Love”
Night Ladys Star
It is only cause of your Love
That I am feel happiness every where
Night Ladys Star
If I don’t see you
I feel that there is no power in my body
Your Love is running
Night Ladys Star
In my body like blood
Heart is not working without blood
Night Ladys Star
Like this I am not able
To do any work without you
Night Ladys Star
I am not share this feeling with anyone
But say it to you My Cute Love
Night Ladys Star