fredag 26 september 2014

Some Weekends..

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Night Ladys Star
Weekends are for feeling lonely
anxious, and depressed..
I feel the longing for fun
but yet I stay still
Night Ladys Star
This is where I belong
with the demons inside my head..
Forcing me to become something
I'll never achieve...
Stephanie Lynn
Night Ladys Star

fredag 19 september 2014

We Made It.. It's Friday..

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Night Ladys Star
Finally we sigh Friday is here,
Rags to riches it's all the same,
Into the weekend we all give a cheer.
Night Ladys Star
Don't squander or waste the time that awaits,
Always embrace each moment you have,
You deserve a break it's not a debate.
Written by Lisa Edmonds
Night Ladys Star

onsdag 10 september 2014

Oh Sleeping Beauty..

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“My Sleeping Beauty”
Posted February 6th, 2010 by Xtian.
Night Ladys Star
Sleeping Beauty has fallen into her enchanting slumber.
Her eyes grow heavy,her heart grows warmer.
Oh her beauty as I imagine laying aside.
Her sweet gently features how I must abide.
Night Ladys Star
Truly this is a taste of pure delight,
A feeling so special.
Laying in her bed,an image so sacred to me.
Night Ladys Star
I long to hold her again..
To indulge my passion,
Entwine myself into her warm embrace
To silhouette my humble fingers along her delicate face.
Night Ladys Star
To gaze into her hazzle honeycomb eyes,
To admire this phenomenon with ones own courteous eyes.
To become drawn into this magnitizing prize.
Night Ladys Star
Oh Sleeping Beauty how you look devine.
Oh My Sleeping Beauty Aurora
I am so glad you are mine.
Night Ladys Star
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