onsdag 29 oktober 2014

2 days left until Halloween..

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“Scary Room”
Night Ladys Star
There's a ghost in my room,
And a Witch on a broom,
Vampires under my bed,
A headless monster in the shed.
Night Ladys Star
All these characters are pretty scary,
The Werewolf is very hairy,
They always seem to appear at night,
To protect me, I need a Knight.
Night Ladys Star
Which one do I fear the most?
It's gotta be that ugly ghost,
Always walking without a head,
He calls himself, Mr. Fred.
by AnitaPoems.com
Night Ladys Star
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4 kommentarer:

mathilde1305 sa...

Hi Aurora…
Look forward to the thrills of the all Hallows eve ,and scare not yourself away.
Enjoy the Halloween’s spooky treats! Hugs Mathilde

Winnie The Pooh Bear sa...

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween.. Happy Halloween ..
Winnie The Pooh

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Hej mathilde..
tack för poemet..Kram Aurora

Aurora The Lovely sa...

Tack för titten Winnie ha ett fint slut på veckan kram Aurora