torsdag 25 juni 2015

You my love will always be..

Aurora photo The_Awakening_of_Princess_Aurora_KHBBS_zpsivxxxyyy.png
“A Part Of My Heart”
Night Ladys Star
I’ve made many wishes,
I’ve dreamt many dreams,
I’ve prayed many prayers,
I’ve talked to God,
And I’ve seen,
What I thought was love,
Come and go.
Night Ladys Star
My hearts been broken,
More times than you know,
But I’ve kept the faith,
I’ve held on,
Night Ladys Star
I believed that one day,
You would come along;
My most perfect love,
The beginning of a fairytale,
That will live on and on.
Night Ladys Star
You my love, will always be,
A part of my heart;
A part of me.

torsdag 18 juni 2015


Aurora photo au01b_zpse46fceaf.jpg
Night Ladys Star
Midsommarafton med sång och dans
med blommor från ängen
jag binder en krans.
Night Ladys Star
Äter något gott, dricker nubbe med sting
njuter av livet med vänner omkring.
Night Ladys Star
Av värmen och grönskan blir humöret på topp
och jag dansar i natten till solen går opp
Önskar alla en fin Midsommar..
Night Ladys Star
Kram Aurora

tisdag 9 juni 2015

Little song of ours..

Aurora photo Aurora_fairies_zpsapc9qyti.jpg
“Any Little Word”
Night Ladys Star
If any little word of ours,
Can make one life the brighter;
If any little song of ours
Can make one heart the lighter;
Night Ladys Star
God help us speak that little word,
And take our bit of singing,
And drop it in some lonely vale
To set the echoes ringing
Night Ladys Star